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Software License Evolution
By Cassandra Balentine

To protect and profit from their offerings, software providers must make software license management a priority. As software moves to a decentralized, "cloud" distribution model, it is important license management. ...
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Vertical Focus
By John P. Desmond

The software industry is home to focused companies that compete in or define their vertical focused software for various business sectors. Healthy businesses dedicated to supporting utilities, electronic design.  ...
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The Deceptively Long BPM Product Cycle
By Frank Teti

While it appears that the fundamental architecture for cloud computing is the service-oriented architecture (SOA), there continues to be a significant hype regarding the relationship between business process management (BPM) and SOA. Although these things are not necessarily orthogonal, they are not inextricably ... More >> 


Smooth Operation
By Cassandra Balentine

According to Gartner, IT operations management and security software services (ITOM) solutions fall under the infrastructure umbrella, and is intended to represent all of the tools needed to manage the provisioning ... More >> 


I Am a Mobile Software Tester
By Jean Ann Harrison

As a mobile software tester, it is important to incorporate various hardware and operating system (OS) conditions to see how software is affected. ...
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Vertical Approach
By Matthew Healey

Verticalization is a continued focus among major software providers as smaller industries demand applications with more customization.  ...
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When Culture Undermines IT Success
By Susan Paul

I recently saw a quote by Peter Drucker, "culture eats strategy for breakfast," and it rang true, both personally and for the IT initiatives I see in many organizations. ...
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Company Overview
By 22nd Century Technologies, Inc.

Over 16 years of experience providing IT services and solutions to federal, state, local government agencies, and commercial clients.
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Software Licensing ROI Calculator
By SafeNet

Ever wonder how much you could save by implementing a commercial software licensing and entitlement management system solution? Confirm today with this free ROI calculator.
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Adopting and Optimizing
By NetSuite

In this on-demand webinar Amy Konary, Research VP at IDC, shares insights from recent research into the evolution of software licensing and the benefits and challenges of a subscription model.
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IBM TechTalk Web Event

At this April's TechTalk, we’ll discuss innovations that can help alleviate operational gridlock with updates to the IBM Cognos family, including IBM Cognos Insight, IBM Cognos Workspace, IBM Cognos Mobile and IBM Cognos Dynamic Cubes software.
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Why and How to Achieve Global ERP

More and more companies are developing an interest in global ERP, and are confronting daunting barriers to getting to their goal of a single global ERP instance.
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Risk Analysis and Management
By (ISC)˛

Modern software applications are dependent on tools and other applications that originate from outside the organization. The governance and the implementation of these approaches vary.
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The Need for Secure Software
By (ISC)˛

Secure software is about more than writing secure code. It is a convergence of policy, processes and people. All of the policy and process control security measures are futile without the first line of defense - people.
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The Four Cornerstones of a Comprehensive Software Monetization Strategy
By SafeNet

As software pricing, packaging, and licensing requirements have become more complicated, so have the associated operational processes.
View White Paper (PDF)

Emerging Cyber Threats Call for a Change
By (ISC)˛

The pressure to bring software to market faster has caused a “deliver now, fix later” software development culture, leaving software vulnerable.
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State of the Cloud Computing Marketplace
By Flexera Software

The paper analyzes the popularity of cloud computing with software publishers. It also explores new pricing models developed by cloud providers—including usage-based licensing.
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Running a Business in the Cloud
By NetSuite

With the rapid growth of cloud computing, businesses must take a strategic view of their application footprint and understand how these applications cross departments and lines of business.
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5 ROI Tips for Enterprise Asset Management

How can enterprise asset management (EAM) software deliver return on investment (ROI). This whitepaper discusses the five ways EAM delivers ROI so you can plan your selection and implementation.
View White Paper (PDF)

Anatomy of the New Decision
By Information Builders

For decades, companies have made decisions based on instinct, hunches, and intuition. Then came business intelligence (BI), which made decision-making more scientific.
View White Paper (PDF)

Buy Vs Build
By Information Builders

Why SaaS versus on premise deployments of business intelligence. Learn how several organizations are receiving ROI of $11 per user of a proven business intelligence solution in their application.
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Armstrong Industrial Customer Testimonial

After going live on IFS Applications in a succession of its global divisions, Armstrong International is enjoying a number of the classic benefits associated with ERP.
View Case Study (PDF)

FeedZai Fraud Prevention
By FeedZai

FeedZai Fraud Prevention application brings together past data, present anomalies, and future predictions to uncover, prevent, and manage over 80 percent of fraudulent transactions.
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