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Serena Software - 6/10/2014

Serena Software Delivers Major Update of Dimensions CM

Serena Software, the largest independent provider of  Orchestrated Application Development and Release Management solutions, today announced the 
availability of Serena Dimensions CM 14, the most innovative and powerful version of the company’s proven process-based software change and configuration 
management (SCCM) product. 

Software development continues to become more complex in the enterprise, with increasing time-to-market pressures, cross-platform development, 
geographically-dispersed teams and mobile and cloud initiatives, all requiring frequent code branching and merging with often painful and difficult reconciliation. 
Today's open source version control solutions lack the deep change visualization, fine-grained security and access control, comprehensive governance and 
immutable baselines required to support global collaborative parallel development at enterprise scale.

New Serena Dimensions CM 14 capabilities simplify the complexity of parallel development and deliver enterprise-class security and scalability, making the 
product a perfect fit for enterprises that need to develop and deliver product innovation at a rapid pace. Dimensions CM 14 makes possible global collaborative 
parallel development, in which development teams streamline and automate their development practices, visualize and minimize conflicts, reduce compliance 
risk and assure a high degree of software release readiness. 

“Speed is the new paradigm, but delivering at speed and with quality has been a challenge.” said Ken Vane, IT Change and Configuration Manager at Navy 
Federal Credit Union. “The visibility and insight that Dimensions CM 14 provides allows us to see if we are converging to quality or diverging from quality in real 

The new capabilities in Serena Dimensions CM 14 allow software development organizations to:
•	Improve software quality through improved visibility and insight into the suitability of code for release,
•	Increase development efficiency by minimizing rework and visualizing and reducing code conflicts,
•	 Achieve no-touch compliance through built-in accountability, traceability and security.

“Dimensions CM 14 is eliminating the complexity of parallel development, while increasing development team collaboration and providing unique visibility into the 
health and quality of development deliverables, smoothing the transition to Continuous Delivery” said Ashley Owen, Director of Product Marketing at Serena 
Software. “More than 150 enterprise-class Dimensions CM users have validated these new capabilities through our extensive preview, beta and special interest 
programs, and their excitement and enthusiasm for this release is overwhelming.”

Top 5 New Serena Dimensions CM 14 Capabilities
To enable global collaborative parallel development, Serena Dimensions CM 14 delivers these important new capabilities:

1. Change and Branch Visualization
The new Dimensions CM 14 user interface provides a visual and interactive timeline of development deliveries and uniquely associates continuous integration 
and peer review status, providing real-time visibility into health and quality.

The new ability to visualize changes and code branches across multiple projects, platforms and locations enables teams to streamline the delivery of code 
changes in a process that is consistent and easily managed, while visual change history provides continuous insight into change health and release readiness.

"The new Dimensions CM 14 Changeset functionality enables us to verify and audit data changes faster, ensuring we meet compliance requirements easier,” 
said Ricardo Oliviera, ALM specialist, Caixa Geral de Depositos. “With this new version, build, release and deployment management are fully configurable to 
guarantee and support our Continuous Integration processes. Dimensions CM 14 is a new landmark in the SCM tools universe!” 

2. Integrated Peer Review
Dimensions CM 14 includes new collaborative peer review and approval capabilities made visible within the product and directly in the developer’s IDE, 
fostering collaboration, improving accountability and making sharing of best practices much easier among distributed development teams. With the combination 
of peer review, development status and Continuous Integration feedback, enterprises now have in one place the information they need to accelerate application 
development and delivery.

“We are particularly excited about the introduction of changesets and stream versioning,” said Richard Prescott, Software Development Technical lead, SPTS 
Technologies. “A significant amount of our software development is customer driven and requires several active release branches at any point in time. The task 
of managing the merge of new features or patches from one branch to another will be greatly simplified, and the adoption of peer review will improve team 
collaboration and quality.”

3. The Immutable Baseline 
This new release provides a critical system of record for software release supporting forward fit or rollback, ensuring repeatability and integrity of releases from 
Development to QA, Pre-Production and ultimately Production.

4. Personal Library Cache & Delta Compression
The personal library cache significantly speeds access to files for distributed teams by removing network transfers while maintaining a secure local cache, and 
delta transfers reduce network traffic by only transferring the sections of text or binary files that have been modified between revisions.

5. Cross-Platform Mobile and Cloud Initiatives 
Dimensions CM now supports native integration with the Appcelerator mobile development platform and integration and interoperability with additional IDEs such 
as Apple’s Xcode. The addition of Safari support extends Dimensions CM usage to Mac OS X clients.

Availability, Live Demonstration and Additional Information
Serena Dimensions CM 14 is generally available today and can be purchased directly from Serena Software or the company’s network of partners worldwide. 
Current customers can download the latest versions from the company’s Support website.

Serena Software - 12/4/2013

Serena Software Redefines Automation of the Application Release Lifecycle

Serena Software, the largest independent provider of  Orchestrated Application Development and Release Management solutions, today announced significant 
new capabilities in Serena Release Manager that help enterprise IT organizations bring Dev and Ops together to increase the quality, speed and predictability of 
their software releases. Serena Release Manager v5 is the first and only enterprise release management solution that addresses the entire release lifecycle by 
bringing smart process management and automated application deployment together in a single product to manage DevOps processes across distributed, cloud, 
mobile and mainframe applications. 

“Serena Release Manager is the only product that reduces the high cost of release management by enabling companies to streamline and control their release 
process, integrate and coordinate release teams and automate application deployments, all through a single product,” said Greg Sikes, Vice President and 
Product Officer at Serena Software.  “Serena Release Manager v5 sets a new high water mark of functionality for companies looking to solve the complexity of 
their release management processes.”

While automating the deployment of releases is a necessary element of improving application delivery, Serena’s customers report that standardizing the release 
process, automating the hand-offs amongst the teams and getting actionable insight into the release lifecycle are key to the substantial improvement in their 
ability to realize business value from their application development investments. 

“Serena Release Manager provides Gordmans with enterprise-class, develop-to-deploy release management and gives us the visibility, tracking and deployment 
automation capability we require,” said Derek Pecka, Retail Systems & Information Security Manager for Gordmans, a leading U.S. retailer with 90 department 
stores across 19 states.

Leading companies in banking, insurance, telecommunications, retail and healthcare, as well as innovative public sector agencies, face similar challenges 
orchestrating all the elements of a successful release. Serena Release Manager v5 addresses these challenges and more with comprehensive functionality 
covering the three major aspects of the process:

·        - Visibility, control and standardization of the release process,
·       - Coordination and collaboration for release teams, and
·      -   Automation of application deployments.

“Serena is one of a few software vendors we see with a coherent set of products that have been tightly integrated into a single solution,” wrote Bola Rotibi in her 
just-released report, CIC Vendor Spotlight: Serena Release Manager. “The company also provides an increasing amount of out of the box integration to third 
party tools. This is important because it means that customers are able to deploy Serena inside their environment without having to pay for extensive professional 
services help.”

Implementing a single solution with these capabilities enables organizations to dramatically improve operational efficiency, be considerably more responsive to 
their business customers and easily demonstrate compliance. Customers using Serena Release Manager report significant measurable benefits, including:

·         -3x increase in the throughput of deployments
·         -75% reduction in defects in production
·         -3 hour product deployments trimmed to 35 minutes
·         -50 weekends spent on-site for deployments halved to 25
·       -  Half of deployment team members time freed up for more value-added work

New Serena Release Manager v5 Capabilities
To help more organizations realize these benefits, Serena Release Manager v5 ships with completely new features and important enhancements, including:

·         -Actionable Release Dashboards with out-of-the-box KPIs for insight into the entire release lifecycle, from initial request through to development, test and 
deployment across the path to production.

·         -Best Practice Release Processes that streamline and accelerate the release lifecycle yet can be easily self-service tailored for each customer’s needs.

·        - Automated Turnovers based on standardized Runbooks to eliminate error-prone manual handoffs and deployments.

·        - Virtual and physical Environment Management to improve availability and readiness of pre-production environments.

·         -A Lifecycle Activity Feed that enables real-time communication and collaboration across the DevOps teams and provides a complete audit trail of all 
release tasks and approvals.

·         -The Deployment Hub that provides bi-directional integration with Serena and third-party application release automation tools, allowing customers to invest 
in release process improvements while leveraging their existing automation investments.

Updated Serena Business Manager (SBM) and Serena Service Manager
Serena Software also announced the latest versions of Serena Business Manager (SBM), the customer-proven IT process automation platform that powers all 
Serena’s orchestrated solutions, and Serena Service Manager, the company’s IT service management solution. New features in SBM and Serena Service 

·        - Redesigned and fresh User Interface for more intuitive interaction, faster end-user adoption and seamless access across browsers and mobile devices.

·         -New Work Center provides a unified, centralized and simple workspace for stakeholders and users to intuitively view, track and act on their work items 
and issues while coordinating and collaborating with team members and stakeholders.

·         -Completely updated Universal Search that allows users to find information across all their projects and applications with a single click, making them more 
efficient, productive and happy.

Availability, Live Demonstration and Additional Information
Serena Release Manager v5 and the latest versions of SBM and Serena Service Manager are generally available on December 16th and can be purchased 
directly from Serena Software or the company’s network of partners worldwide.

Serena Software - 4/22/2013

Serena Software Advances Change & Release Capabilities for DevOps

New Self-Service Capabilities Enable Dev Teams to Provision Environments On Demand, Freeing Up Operations to Focus on Strategic Initiatives 

Deployment Automation Targets Include Three Most Popular Cloud and Virtualized Environments 

·       Hassle-Free Capture of Change Request Actuals 

Serena Software, the leader in Orchestrated IT solutions, today announced new change and release management capabilities for its award-winning
Orchestrated IT solution set. Serena’s newly enhanced solutions provide essential tooling for IT shops that are embracing the DevOps movement, as well as 
those that are simply looking to increase their change and release cadence.

DevOps has become a primary driver for IT organizations that are delivering Revenue Applications (RevApps), software applications that directly transact 
customer activity and bring in considerable revenue to the enterprise. The speed and frequency with which RevApps get enhanced directly impacts how quickly 
the business can respond to customer requests, competitive moves and changing market conditions.

Serena’s response is a series of enhancements that provide developers with self-service provisioning of environments (to go with previously available self-
service application deployment), more cloud and virtualized infrastructure deployment targets, improved resource management and demand planning, as well as 
other enhancements that significantly reduce development and operations hassles.
The new capabilities available in version 4.5 of Serena’s Orchestrated IT solutions include:
Self-Service Provisioning of Environments

A new on-demand self-service portal enables developers and QA teams to immediately spin up, and later tear down, the environments they need for application 
development and testing. 

Developer self-service capabilities free IT operations staff from manual provisioning so they can focus on IT infrastructure and performance improvements for the 

Release Automation Targets Now include Windows Azure and VMware ESX/ESXi

Target deployment environments now include cloud platforms Windows Azure, and Amazon EC2, along with leading virtualized environments VMware ESX/ 

Serena Release Automation now includes advanced load-balancing and failover  capabilities simplifying enterprise adoption. 

Serena Release Automation is now localized into Japanese. 

Hassle-Free Capturing Of Change Request Actuals
Development managers can now easily capture the costs of specific tasks and easily link them to approved change requests. Low-impact capture and roll-up of 
the time spent on change request activities allows accurate assessment of the resources utilized by a project. 

Business change requests can be easily tracked from planning through to development. 

Pricing and Availability
The new Serena 4.5 Orchestrated IT solutions will be generally available on May 15, 2013. Pricing starts at $12,500 for 250 users.

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